FTI Fundamentals of Movement Preparation – English

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includes 8 hours face-to face instruction, FTI manuals, practice test and FTI certificate


Course Description

Resistance-bands are a multipurpose tool that have a long history of use in the fitness industry. Due to their portability and low cost, resistance-bands are a convenient tool that can be used to improve a number of different health and fitness outcomes. Resistance-bands can also be used to add resistance to a wide range of generalized movement patterns, making them an ideal tool to integrate into a functional training program. This course covers six different modules, which include resistance-band exercises from novice to advanced level. Exercise progression, regressions and safety considerations are covered in detail where appropriate.

Course participants will develop a broad understanding of the resistance-band and the exercises that can be performed with it. In addition, participants will be able to apply this knowledge and deliver a wide range of resistance-band exercises that target partner training, joint mobility, muscle activation and potentiation utilizing the scientifically verified RAMP movement preparation protocol.

Course Structure
This one-day course is divided into 7 modules. Topics covered in each module include:
Module 1: The science of resistance-band training
Module 2: Raise body temperature
Module 3: Activation
Module 4: Mobility
Module 5: Potentiation Exercises
Module 6: Assisted & resisted band exercises
Module 7: Programming

At the completion of this course, participants will be able to:
1. Demonstrate a knowledge of the scientific principles of resistance-band training.
2. Identify the safety precautions and positioning of resistance-band training
3. Teach, supervise, instruct and provide back on a range of partner based, resistance-band exercises that target an increase in general body temperature.
4. Teach, supervise, instruct and provide feedback on resistance-band exercises that target joint mobility and range of motion.
5. Teach, supervise, instruct and provide feedback on resistance-band exercises that target muscle activation
6. Teach, supervise, instruct and provide feedback on potentiation based resistance-band exercises that target the neuromuscular system.
7. Teach, supervise, instruct and provide feedback on both assisted and resisted resistance-band exercises that target the development of general strength.
8. Implement a RAMP movement preparation program, assisted and resisted resistance-band program.

Resistance bands have been a popular tool among fitness trainers for a long time. However, the vast amount of resistance band exercises that can be found on the various social media channels can make the decision on which exercise to choose, daunting. The fundamentals of movement preparation takes the guess work out of choosing the most appropriate resistance-band exercise for your client. Teaching a large amount of exercise in isolation is not the most effective way to use any tool. This course will break down key resistance band exercise selections into five different modules, specifically targeting whole body movement preparation, mobility, activation, potentiation and general strength. Using scientifically proven movement preparation strategies this course will teach you how to effectively use the resistance band to develop and advanced warm up program as preparation for the upcoming training session, but also as a tool for motor skill development that can cultivate the skills and movement capacities need to accelerate movement capacity. Finally, this course will teach participants how to best utilize the resistance band to assist and resist strength development in clients ranging from novice to advanced levels.

Tarek Michael - Chouja from Functional Training Institute or FTI from Australia

Course will be major contacted in English language with Thai translation by Mr. Panuwat or "Kelvin" from FIT Thailand.

Target Audience

Fitness instructors
Personal trainers
Advanced fitness enthusiasts



Course Duration :

8 hours

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Minimum 8 people; maximum 15 people

Location :

Fitness Innovations (Thailand) Limited, BTS Ploenchit Exit 2, Ploenchit, Lumpini, Pathumwan, Bangkok THAILAND 10330 Tel: 02 650 9242

Kamonchai Rattanadechakul

Balanced Body® Pilates Instructor

B.Sc. Sports Sciences, Chulalongkorn University  


Panuwat Rongbandit (Kelvin)

ACE® CPT,NSCA® CSCS,Balance Body® Mat And Reformer Pilates
Lesmills® Bodycombat Internation Certified
Lesmills® Bodypump Internation Certified

B.Sc. Sports Science from College of Sports Science Mahidol University