Body Transformation Specialist (BTS)- English

14,700 THB

includes 18 hours face-to face instruction, manuals, practice test and FEA certificate


Course Description

Why Should You Consider This Course?

Achieving an aesthetic physique seems to be getting immensely popular among high school kids, college students, corporate executives, dads and mums! Many of them look for personal trainers to help them achieve their goals, be it for self-improvement or competitive reasons, via a natural and healthy transformation programme.

Help clients who have both body composition and hypertrophy goals. Join us and learn how to design and implement transformation programmes for these clients based on internationally approved principles, combined with the exposure of various tried and proven strategies for better body composition, muscle size and muscularity. Yes, it’s both science and experience in this power-packed 3-day physique specialist course.

Key Learning Outcomes:

• Understanding Expectations for a Better Physique
• Exercise Modifications for Better Muscle Stimulation
• Science & Strategies for Hypertrophy and Fat Loss
• Transformation Programmes for Clients
• Posing techniques

What Are The Topics Covered?
• Identify the goals of physique transformation and understand different categories in aesthetic sports
• 7 Highly Effective Principles of Physique Transformation
• Physiology of Hypertrophy and Fat Loss
• Hormones affecting Fat Loss
• Factors affecting Muscle Growth
• Efficient training techniques to recruit desired muscle fibre for optimal growth
• Hypertrophy Programming:
- Recommended Exercise Choices
- Programming Progression for Beginner to Advanced
• Fat Loss & Nutrition Strategies: Hormonal balance; Stress Management; Metabolism Rate; Combating Visceral Belly Fat; Stress, Sedentary Individuals and Insulin Insensitivity; Combating Subcutaneous Belly Fat;
Fat Loss for Women; Intermittent Fasting; Fasted Cardio; Exercise Programming; Nutrient Intake; Fat Loss Supplement
• Periodization and personalization programming for clients of different physique goal
• Effective posing techniques

Target Audience

Fitness Professionals
Strength and Conditioning Professionals


This is a speciality workshop which require a solid foundation and experience as a fitness or strength and conditioning professional. We recommend you to possess an internationally accredited fitness certification prior to attending this course.

Course Duration :

18 hours

CECs :


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Promotion :

Early bird rate: 10% discount

Capacity :

Minimum 12 people; maximum 16 people

Location :

Fitness Innovations (Thailand) Limited, BTS Ploenchit Exit 2, Ploenchit, Lumpini, Pathumwan, Bangkok THAILAND 10330 Tel: 02 650 9242

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